Jewellery Care

 Taking the outmost care when wearing your Olinda jewellery is a must. Here are some tips so your jewellery can last longer:

  • Put it on last, take it off first. (Apply perfume, hair sprays, and lotions first and let your skin absorbs so they do not affect your jewellery)
  • We recommend removing your jewellery when you shower and bath, exercise or swim in chlorinated or sea water as moisture, the chlorine, and excessive sweat can damage your plating. 
  • Avoid the sun and do not leave your jewellery exposed to sun light (the UV's can cause them to fade). 
  • Clean gently with a polishing cloth to remove debris, do not rub excessively with the polishing cloth as this will prematurely remove the plating. If the piece is quite dirty use gentle soap with spring water to remove debris first, then use the polishing cloth to finish (make sure you dry them properly). 
  • Safely store your jewellery when not wearing it.

Our jewellery are high quality, however the pieces are still fine and delicate by nature and can break if pulled during vigorous activities.

Following this will ensure that you enjoy the beauty of your Olinda jewellery longer.

Enjoy and stay prettier every day!

Olinda Jewellery